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My name is Tracey and I’m glad you stopped by to visit with me today.   You never know what you might find going on here in my little corner of the world.   We could be crafting, reading, gardening, cooking, laughing, playing or just out JUNKING. And possibly, all at the same time.

After spending my entire adult life in the corporate world, I have now found myself semi-retired and ready to do all those “round to its” that I’ve been waiting to do. I thought it would be great fun to tackle all these new projects with some friends. So I’m inviting you to join me on this adventure.

Don’t worry if you’re not a big crafty person or you’ve spent very little time in the garden.   Here’s a great place to drop your fears and tackle projects with me.   Learning myself, I have more disasters than I have beautiful completed projects. That’s the fun – learning and sharing with your friends.

When my husband asked me to marry him so many years ago, I told him “I can promise you one thing and one thing only – Life will not be dull and boring.” He tells me that I have kept that promise. I’m just a little bit ADHD and sometimes have a very hard time focusing on just one thing at a time. (That’s a lie – I have that problem quite often)

So come join me on this new adventure in my life. We might be cooking in the morning, sewing in the afternoon, hitting an auction in the evening and reading bedtime stories to the grandsons at night. Or we could be cooking and sewing at the same time -I burn a lot of meals due to multi-tasking.

So that you don’t miss anything that goes on here at Let’s Go Junking, join us by using the form below and you’ll get notifications when we post something new.

You can always reach me at tracey@letsgojunking.com or on facebook: www.facebook.com/letsgojunking


See ya’ soon!

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