Creepy Critters Halloween Wreath

What could be creepier than spiders and rats?  What makes for a great Halloween wreath better than those creepy critters?  Nothing I can think of.

Final Rat Wreath

The Creepy Critters Halloween Wreath was quick, easy and most of the supplies came from the dollar store.

rat wreath 1

Since most of the embellishments for the wreath are black I wanted the orange crepe ribbon to cover the wreath but still a hint of shadow to show through.  I wrapped the wreath in black crepe ribbon first but did not cover the wreath.

rat wreath 2

The wreath was then completely wrapped in the orange crepe ribbon.

rat wreath 3

The huge rats, spiders, flowers, bird and Caution banner were all purchased at the dollar store.  The spiders were in the flower bunches so that helped with the cost.

rat wreath 4

Glued the standing up rat in the center of the bottom of the wreath.

rat wreath 5

And then added a spider at the top so that it looks like the rat is getting ready to catch supper.

rat wreath 7

Thought I would add an extra creepy brother rat to the side.  BEWARE:   Don’t stare into those evil eyes.

rat wreath 8

A pretty zombieland bow with another creepy spider and black flowers add a gracious look to the creepy wreath.

rat wreath 9

Added a bird and more black roses to the top and a “Caution” banner to the bottom.

bird and banner

Top it all off with an orange ribbon with black trim to provide the hanger and you’ve got one Creepy Critter Halloween Wreath.

rat wreath 13





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